About us

Avenue Strategies is a research consultancy that was born out of clients’ need for more nuanced insights into the issues that are important to them. Over the past few years, we at A.S. have occupied ourselves with providing more colour and improving the understanding of our clients through research work that accurately depicts the true situation on the ground. We do this by conducting in-depth desk research, field research, comprehensive and constant news gathering, key stakeholder interviews, focus group discussions, surveys and data gathering and analysis. Over the years, we have worked with clients in the development sector, the private sector (with players in the tech, energy and oil & gas, finance and FMCG space), and the public sector.

Why Choose Us?

Our personnel are very experienced in project management, project implementation

We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number 1935057, and are located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

We are experienced in utilizing research and data analysis tools in order to produce the most insightful reports that answer the questions that clients pose to us. With our work, clients are able to discern the right avenue for their success.

Our Projects

Our objective

Our objective is to avail our clients with the best out of an array of options, to help them nail the right strategy for their business.

Our Work

Our areas of expertise include

  • Market research,
  • Macro-economic research,
  • Corporate research,
  • Policy and legislative research (tracking of Bills and legislative agenda),
  • Politics research,
  • Deep-dive industry analysis, and

Our strength lies in our deeply-rooted local knowledge; our web of subject matter experts; our close attention to issues that are important to our clients; our proximity to the stakeholders in our areas of interest; and our ability to be thorough in our work. We employ these strengths to ensure that we provide the right answers that enable our clients take the right path forward.

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